Even Tucker Carlson Can Be Compromised!

That’s it. I’m through.

That sick son of a bitch, Bruce (yes, BRUCE!) Jenner, on Tucker Carlson’s first prime time show?  I’m through with Tucker Carlson, and I’m through with Fox News. In fact, I’m through with ALL news shows on EVERY network. Now none of them represent my views. NONE. To Hell with them all.

Ever since his ascendancy, I’ve noticed a softening in Tucker’s questioning that sickens me. He is far too quick to apologize for tough questions, repeatedly stating, “I want to be respectful.”  WHY THE HELL SHOULD YOU BE RESPECTFUL TO SOMEONE WHO IS LYING TO YOU REPEATEDLY, TUCKER?

Tucker is obviously now taking his marching orders from the flaming liberal Murdoch sons. Which begs the question, what the hell is it about the children of highly successful conservatives? They all seem to turn out to be liberals. To that point, why does a highly successful conservative even allow his children to have anything to do with his business if he knows they’re flaming liberals?

I’m through with all of them. I just deleted every single one of the Sunday morning shows from my DVR. I’ll get all my news from Breitbart from this day forward.

But I do have a question Tucker should ask Bruce: “Do you still have a dick?”

Think of the political implications.

What was up with Tucker Carlson’s first O’Reilly-slot interview?


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