Looking Back to Nov. 8th

On Tuesday Nov. 8 at around 1700 hours, Hillary and 400+ Clinton loyalists gathered with 100+ cases of champagne, a Two-Million-Dollar, ($2,000,000.00) paid for massive fireworks display in downtown New York and a custom built dome with the mythical “glass roof” and the Bitch, (or as her Secret Service call sign names her — “Broomstick One”) to celebrate Broom Stick One’s victory over Trump, as the first female President of the United States

The inner cities were dancing in the streets, knowing their Welfare checks were going to continue and go up.  Mexico was happy, as they could continue to empty their prisons into America.  ISIS was happy, as they could continue to infiltrate America with their terrorists.

Newsweek had already published and shipped the next issue, with the cover “Madam President” and a detailed analysis, of precisely how the Clinton political machine had captured the Electoral College with a whopping 324 votes.  They had her acceptance speech in an article, gracefully calling for all Americans to join with her, and, blah, blah, blah.

Among the 400+ giddy followers, were those who had already received confirmation of their future assignments and high paid government jobs in the White House, FBI, Department of Labor, Ambassadorships, and the list goes on.  All were assured of at least four (4) and probably eight (8) years of lucrative jobs, that they had dedicated over 3 years of their lives to achieving.  They had
all rented or bought housing in D.C. or nearby in Georgetown.  Reservations had been made at the Hilton and other 5 star hotels in New York City for the party.

They knew the fix was in:  every poll and every media outlet except Fox News and Drudge was in the tank for Hillary and against Trump.  At a rate of 45 to 1, Department of Justice employees had contributed to the campaign over Trump.  CNN, NBC, CBS had all supplied Hillary with the debate questions, well in advance.  The fix was in over all the scandals and the WikiLeaks was all the fault
of the Russians, who had even changed the language in the emails.  The Department of Justice and FBI had cleared Hillary of any criminal conduct.

Every media pundit and all of the polls, except the LA Times and one other, had Hillary with a 1 to 8 point lead.  The odds in Las Vegas were 200 to 1, and by election time, were still 5 to 1.

The exit polls were 100% in the Democrat’s favor and the path to victory was clear.

Then, within five (5) short hours, it all came crashing down.  They were stunned – told to go home and go home they did, so they could organize riots and proclaim to the world, that Trump was not their President.

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