More Evidence that Liberals Hate America

If liberals hate America so much, why do they stay? How this hateful woman and her husband made it to the White House given their hatred of America is beyond me. What possible good could her statement have done? Answer: None. It was stated with the purpose of dividing America along racial lines. – The Liberator

2 thoughts on “More Evidence that Liberals Hate America”

  1. When the dust finally settles – when the criminals are behind bars – when “The Swamp” (more like a “Cesspool”) is is drained in its entirety, even today’s clueless will realize what an abomination obama was; even the most simple-minded, deranged liberal idiots will open their eyes to the most horrific electoral mistake this country ever produced.

    1. I truly hope you are correct, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Liberalism is a mental disorder. The only way they will truly see the light is when we find a cure.

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