The NFL Players Have a Right to Take a Knee


Yes, the NFL players have a right to kneel for our National Anthem, outside of the stadium. Their employment contract, if enforced by the NFL and/or their team, prohibits them from doing so while on the job.

This is not a 1st Amendment issue, it is an employment policy issue. Just imagine going to work and kneeling at the beginning of every meeting to protest police brutality in the black community. How many meetings would you be allowed to do that before you were shown the door? THAT is the issue.

Forget the flag. Forget the National Anthem. Those are merely distractions. The players are acting inappropriately while on the job and what they are doing is offending the company’s customers. Simple as that. The fact that they’re kneeling during the National Anthem only makes it that much more offensive to their fans.

Think of it this way…what if the entire 49ers team hung a “BA” at their fans prior to kickoff but not during the anthem, and also said nothing about the reason for doing so. They just decided to do it for the fun of it. Do you think 49ers management or Roger Goodell would put up with that? Of course not. Well, from a fan’s perspective they are doing something much worse

And THAT is why Colin Kaepernick is no longer employed in the NFL. 

– The Liberator

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