Reddit User Silenced by CNN and The Left

Reddit User is Remorseful

(This article written by some knucklehead at a publication called Liberals United)
By  on July 5, 2017

The Reddit user who claimed credit for creating the meme in which President Trump tackles a man with the CNN logo over his face has issued an apology.

The apology comes a day after CNN identified and attempted to make contact with the individual.

The user, whose Reddit name was “HanA**holeSolo,” has claimed contrition and would like to emphasize that his initial meme (which Trump went on to re-Tweet) was satire and that he does not advocate violence against the press.

As CNN reports, “HanA**holeSolo” directed his apology first to the members of the Reddit community for “getting this site and this sub embroiled in a controversy that should never have happened.”

Then, acknowledging the inflammatory nature of his past posts, the user wrote: “I would also like to apologize for the posts made that were racist, bigoted, and anti-semitic. I am in no way this kind of person, I love and accept people of all walks of life and have done so for my entire life.”

“HanA**holeSolo” said he was “trolling and posting things to get a reaction from the subs on reddit and never meant any of the hateful things I said in those posts.”

“I would never support any kind of violence or actions against others simply for what they believe in, their religion, or the lifestyle they choose to have,” he wrote, adding: “Nor would I carry out any violence against anyone based upon that or support anyone who did.”

The Reddit user, whose account has since been deleted, said that the initial Trump meme “was not meant to be a call to violence against CNN or any other news affiliation.”

Showing surprise at how much traction his meme received, he wrote:  “I had no idea anyone would take it and put sound to it and then have it put up on the President’s Twitter feed. It was a prank, nothing more.”

“HanA**holeSolo” called CNN and asked to remain anonymous.

CNN, which has been accused of blackmailing the Reddit User into an apology in exchange for anonymity,  says they will not be publishing the user’s name but that they reserve the right to do so.

Addressing the accusations of blackmail, CNN’s Oliver Darcy tweeted that the news organization never made a deal with the user and that, “The user, who is an adult male, not a 15-year-old boy, apologized and deleted his account before ever speaking with our reporter.”

Well, Mr. Darcy, it is clear that CNN did at least threaten to contact “HanA**holeSolo” which prompted his retraction.  He is free to speak so long as he says what you want him to say, right? Otherwise, demand a retraction and silence him. So much for free speech in America. And you on the Left wonder why we on the Right have had enough. We watch you and yours hold up a likeness of the severed head of the President of the United States and call it art, talk openly of assassinating him, destroy buildings and force conservative speakers to cancel their speeches on college campuses, riot in the streets over the election of Donald Trump, destroying businesses, attacking his supporters and the police, and so much more. With you Leftists free speech is a one-way street.

And one more thing…the Left never writes or says anything inflammatory? LMAO  

– The Liberator

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