4 thoughts on “The Idiots on the Left”

  1. Here’s one raging Newton, MA liberal whose need for attention of any kind (a common theme with liberals) produced this beauty of a facebook post:

    Need a great last minute Fathers’ Day gift? Doesn’t get much better than this.
    “On any given day over 400,000 people, convicted of no crime, are held in jail because they cannot afford to buy their freedom.”

    It goes on to post a link to some kind of fund for bailing criminals out of jail.

    Jessica Wilson, aka Diary Of A Mom blog, apparently thinks a great father’s day gift for YOUR father or husband is giving money to bail out criminals. It truly is unbelievable. She posted this on her blog. When someone challenged her on this in comments the liberal scum accuses them of bigotry. Give me a break with this woman. She writes about and uses her disabled kid everyday for attention, attention and more attention. Such a common liberal theme. These libs must have not gotten the right kind of attention as kids to now have to use any means for continued praise. This woman is vile and her need for compliments and SEE ME LOOK AT MEEEEEE is frightening.

  2. Meant to say this beauty of a post was on her facebook. She has both a facebook and a blog to spout her liberal views and to have two ways to fulfill her raging narcissism. Here’s the exchange regarding the bail the criminals out of jail for a father’s day gift post.

    Brooke Everhart-Tyner Agreed. Unfollowing blog
    4 hrs
    Diary of a Mom
    Diary of a Mom just as I said on a previous post yesterday ..

    To anyone else who declares that they are unfollowing diary because of this post (or simply does so without the need for the flounce), you’ve clearly been missing the point of this community. Sorry to see you go, as it feels like a lost opportunity, but, if I’m being completely honest, also a little relieved to see your bigotry to the door. I wish you the best and hope that you find your way to love and understanding elsewhere.
    1 · 3 hrs · Edited
    Brooke Everhart-Tyner
    Brooke Everhart-Tyner Bigotry.. because I said I’m unfollowing your blog I’m a bigot -Wow. I did not like the post and I have not liked other things you posted on other occasions. It does not make me a bigot. I hope that I will find a community that doesn’t judge me or call me a bigot because I unfollowed their blog. Honestly this is not a community that spreads love or wishes me the best with comments like that.
    3 hrs · Edited
    Diary of a Mom
    Diary of a Mom You said you agreed that addressing the situation of black men unfairly and wildly inequitably imprisoned is “racial profiling,” and that you were therefore leaving. Yes, that’s bigotry.

    1. Liberals like to present themselves as paragons of peace, love and kindness and yet they are the angriest people on earth. They are not happy about anything as they see the dark side of everything and see themselves as the only people capable of making the world a kinder and gentler place. And yet everything they do creates more pain and suffering. They are truly nuts. – The Liberator

      1. And this is exactly her. As long as she gets hundreds of other lib nuts praising her she is so full of “peace and love” but her thin skin shows as soon as someone has a different view and then she either blocks them or berates them. This woman gets on my nerves because as a parent of a child with autism it angers me that she uses her kid with autism as her platform for attention and to spout her ridiculous views. This is only one of many over the years. She had a similar post for getting woman criminals out of jail on Mother’s Day I believe and her posts surrounding the election…yeah, unbearable. This is not unheard of in liberal nutville Newton, MA. though. Her husband, Matt Wilson, is another out of control snowflake. Run Luau Run…yes the name he has chosen for himself on his blog/facebook says it all.

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