Why Golfers Hate the Liberal Media

This woman obviously hates men and golf…

So why the hell is she covering golf for USA Today? And who gives her the right to inject politics into the coverage of a golf tournament? She wrote the following – and a whole lot more – in a story entitled Senior PGA players are Trump’s kind of crowd

“Funk, the one with Trump’s name over his heart, said he would “get in their face” if golf fans got on him about his shirts. So it was only natural to ask him if it’s always easy to defend Trump, or are there some things he finds hard to defend?

He said he didn’t want to get into politics, then jumped right into politics with a strong defense of Trump’s policies on less regulation, smaller government, border protection, a bigger military and lower taxes.

But ask him about Trump’s controversial comments and actions, and Funk wanted no part of it. “I wasn’t trying to defend it. I wasn’t asked to. I wasn’t trying to.”

Do you have something to say about it now?

“Not really. No.”

Liberals just can’t help themselves…they think they know everything and by God they’re going to let us know. Well, Christine Brennan can kiss my ass and keep her politics to herself. – The Liberator

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