Brilliant Analysis of the Current Democrat Party

“The Democrat Party has finally become what they’ve been skirting the edges of for years.. They are a small but vocal radical anti-American fringe group. Ideologically, they are the Weather Underground without the bombs, yet…

The Democrat agenda is one of class warfare, the continuation and exploitation of racial turmoil, the support of mob rule, (i.e. opposing the Electoral College while supporting BLM), and the unconditional embracing of Islam, a theocratic authoritarian religion/ideology that by definition is entirely incapable of coexisting with our system of government, or for that matter, any other government in the civilized world. Democrats deplore military action that is in our nation’s interest, but they love it if there is zero national interest. Democrats also believe that virtually every country on earth has the right to govern themselves with their own best interests as their primary goal, excluding the U.S. and Israel of course.

The Democrat Party also celebrates abortion, in the guise of “women’s health”, and demands that others subsidize it. Democrats continually find rights in the Constitition that do not exist, and yet they deny individual rights that do exist, such as the 2nd Amendment. Democrats oppose justices who are Constitutional Textualist/Originalists by saying they’re “out of the mainstream”. Democrats refuse to obey current immigration law with their “sanctuary cities”, but they demand the government register American citizens who own firearms. Democrats celebrate “diversity” and “multiculturalism”, but they condemn and mock traditional White American/European culture for essentially being nonexistent as a culture at best, or at worst, a destructive culture both currently and historically.

Democrats require two core constituencies for their existence, and without them they would cease to be. One, a permanent and dependent underclass that is easily manipulated. And two, the ever present and perpetual victim class. In other words, misery, despair, unrest, and manufactured victimization are their lifeblood, and they must keep it all alive by any means necessary in order for them to maintain any kind of power.

That’s what Democrats will be fighting for over the next four years. Their sickness has infected us for way too long, and their demise cannot come soon enough.”   – Anonymous

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