NPR: “No More Live Interviews with Conservatives!”

Can’t win the argument? Silence the Opposition.

Poor NPR…Joel Pollak made minced meat of an NPR interviewer and their listeners were livid. So how did NPR address the issue? No more live interviews of conservatives. Bahahahaha! Leftists are always RIGHT. Did you not know? When they can’t win, they simply silence the opposition.


Here’s an excerpt…

“Pollak, who serves as Breitbart’s Senior Editor-at-Large and In-house Counsel, defended its Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon from false and defamatory claims of antisemitism and “white nationalism.” He also turned the tables, pointing out that NPR has “racist programming,” including a story that called the 2016 election results “nostalgia for a whiter America.”

NPR listeners were apparently outraged that anyone from Breitbart News had been given an opportunity to defend the website and its chairman.

In her response, “Listeners: Two Recent Interviews Are ‘Normalizing Hate Speech’,” Jensen concluded that the live format had allowed Pollak to get the better of host Steve Inskeep.

She suggested that future interviews be taped: “In addition, in my opinion, these interviews should not be done live. Inskeep is an excellent live interviewer, but live interviews are difficult, especially when there is limited time. A little contextualizing never hurts.”


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