Electors Get Police Protection from Crazed Leftists

By Daniel Greenfield
Frontpage Mag

After Trump won and recount efforts failed, the left gambled all it had on trying to sway members of the Electoral College to hijack the election. That plan was obviously doomed, but certain people were interested in pushing it for various reasons. This led to massive harassment of electors. And now to, unprecedentedly, police protection for electors.

The left has taken us back to Tammany Hall elections.

Electors in Pennsylvania will have police protection as they cast their ballots on Monday, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

One Pennsylvania elector, Ash Khare, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he receives thousands of emails a day trying to sway his vote.

“I’m a big boy. But this is stupid,” Khare told the Post-Gazette. “Nobody is standing up and telling these people, ‘Enough, knock it off.’”

The messages have escalated to death threats, and so the 20 electors will have state troopers escorting them to cast their votes Monday.

It goes without saying that this behavior is insane. The electors are not about to make Hillary president in response to death threats. This is just deranged behavior by the left, and much like the pre and post-election riots targeting Trump, no one in a position of authority is calling a halt to it, instead they, and I include the media in that, are pouring more gasoline on the flames.

This is the result.

While the media rants about fake news. It feeds ugly hysteria with its fake news that leads to scenes like this. The left is destroying our system of elections while bleating about the need to censor everyone else’s fake news.

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