A Voiceless American Speaks Out About Trump’s Victory

To America,

I have fought these bastards on both sides of the aisle over the years for one simple reason: they are stealing my freedom in a variety of ways. The Establishment elites by stealing American productivity and shipping it out of the country only to line their pockets; and Liberal know-it-alls for stealing my personal income and meager net worth in so many ways and giving it to zero-ambition losers. At the same time, both of these groups are bankrupting the country through their self-serving deeds.

Then, lately, radical Islam wants to destroy us and yet our leadership won’t vaporize the sick f*cks.

America as you and I once knew it is going away.

Trump, with all his flaws, saw this and told people like me he was on my side. Simple as that. He gave me a ray of hope and an opportunity to say “F*ck You!” to all those a**holes of both parties who just spoke the same old platitudes as they took money from their backers and prepared to do their bidding.

So now, since I will have to work ’til I die, I have chosen to reenter the fight for America’s future. And I’m a pretty goddamn good fighter when I get pissed. Well, I’m pissed…and Trump won…so I’m joining him because if nothing else, he loves America as much as I do.

I don’t care if nobody else joins me, I’m going down swinging because on election night I sat down in front of the TV prepared to watch America go down the drain.

–An Anonymous, Voiceless, American who has found his voice

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