Only 13% of the population in the US is Black, yet…

85% of all violent interracial crimes are committed by Blacks
80% of all shootings are committed by Blacks
79% of all robberies are committed by Blacks
59% of all murders are committed by Blacks
52% of all violent juvenile crimes are committed by Blacks
49% of all murder victims are Black
45% of all drug offenses are committed by Blacks
42% of all cop killers are Black
8% of America’s population are Black men, yet they account for 40% of America’s total prison population.
99% of all major riots involving property damage, looting and civil disobedience are committed by Blacks as opposed to ANY OTHER minority in America.
Blacks Commit 25X more Violent Assaults against Whites than Whites against Blacks.
And the most amazing statistic of all…33% of all crimes in America are committed by 3% of the population; Blacks between the ages of 16 and 36.
42% of blacks are on welfare (Dept. of Commerce)
Only 59% of Blacks graduate high school (only 20% in Detroit)
Half of Detroit’s mayoral candidates in 2017 are felons.
Over 60% of Black households have no fathers present.
72% of Black mothers are unwed…welfare applicants on the way! More offspring means bigger welfare checks.

And yet they blame white America for all of their problems. Talk about cognitive dissonance!  – The Liberator

Democrats Commit Suicide by Favoring Migrants

Democrats are committing political suicide by refusing to moderate their migrant-first policy agenda, says the liberal intellectual who launched the push for same-sex marriage.

Andrew Sullivan, the immigrant British-born author who championed the same-sex movement, writes in New York Magazine:

Democrats in 2017, in general, tend to criticize the use of immigration enforcement, and tend to side with those accused of violating immigration law, as a broad matter of principle beyond opposing the particular actions of the administration … Democrats are no longer as willing to attack “illegal immigration” as a fundamental problem anymore.

This is, to be blunt, political suicide … In fact, the Democrats increasingly seem to suggest that any kind of distinction between citizens and noncitizens is somehow racist. You could see this at the last [Democratic Party] convention, when an entire evening was dedicated to Latinos, illegal and legal, as if the rule of law were largely irrelevant. Hence the euphemism “undocumented” rather than “illegal.” So the stage was built, lit, and set for Trump …

The entire concept of a nation whose citizens solely determine its future — the core foundation for any viable democracy at all — is now deemed by many left-liberals to be a function of bigotry. This is the kind of madness that could keep them from power indefinitely.

Sullivan is gay but also a liberal with some respect for ordinary people and their preferences. That leaves him out on the edge of the post-2008 Democratic Party, which is controlled by post-graduate elitists who are using divide-and-rule diversity politics to impose their own tastes, status symbols and economic self-interests on all Americans.

For example, Democrats reacted with hostility and contempt towards Trump’s popular immigration principles and also spotlighted their favoritism for illegal migrants, whom they portray as “dreamers.” On October 11, Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi described Trump principles as “trash” as she appeared alongside three illegal migrants who accused the GOP leaders of supporting racist policies.

So far, business-first groups and their media allies have muted white-collar concern about the economics of immigration by hiding the impact of cheap white-collar immigration from college graduate voters.

Read Sullivan’s article here.

Liberals are anti-American first and foremost. – The Liberator

The Clinton cover-up, brought to you by the same guys who are investigating Trump

Damning new evidence appears to show that Hillary Clinton used her office as Secretary of State to confer benefits to Russia in exchange for millions of dollars in donations to her foundation and cash to her husband.

But there’s more.  It seems it was all covered up for years by the same three people who are now involved in the investigation of President Donald Trump over so-called Russian “collusion.”

The incriminating evidence was uncovered by The Hill (John Solomon and Alison Spann) and Circa News (Sara Carter).  Their dogged reporting reveals that the FBI gathered a multitude of documents, secret recordings, intercepted emails, financial records, and eyewitnesses accounts showing that Russian nuclear officials directed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bill Clinton during the very time that Hillary Clinton presided over a governing body which unanimously approved the sale of one-fifth of America’s uranium supply to Russia.

The corrupt scheme is said to have been financed by the Russians through bribes, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering.  The FBI and the Department of Justice reportedly had the evidence in their possession before the uranium sale, but kept the matter secret and never notified Congress which would surely have stopped the transfer of uranium to Russia.

Indeed, the entire sordid affair remained hidden for seven long years.  Until now.

Clinton Corruption and Racketeering?

It is a crime to use a public office to confer a benefit to a foreign government in exchange for money.  It is often referred to as “pay-to-play,” but it can be prosecuted under a variety of anti-corruption laws passed by Congress, including the federal bribery statute (18 USC 201-b), the federal gratuity statute (18 USC 201-c), the mail fraud statute (18 USC 1341), the wire fraud statute (18 USC 1343), the program bribery statute (18 USC 666), and the Travel Act (18 USC 1952).

If the evidence is as compelling as reported, a second special prosecutor should be appointed to determine whether Hillary Clinton and others should be indicted for crimes of corruption.

The FBI evidence, if true, would seem to show that one or more of these illegal “pay-to-play” laws were broken.  The government would have to prove that Hillary and Bill got paid, while the Russians got to play.  And prosecutors are required to show a “quid pro quo” or “nexus” between the payments and the benefit provided.  But it appears that the FBI already possesses all the evidence it needs to make a compelling case.

If Hillary leveraged her public office as Secretary of State for personal enrichment, but also used her charity as a receptacle or conduit for money obtained illegally, that would also constitute racketeering, as I first argued in a column almost a year ago.

Racketeering is the use of a business for a corrupt and illegal enterprise.  The “Mafia” and other organized crime syndicates are often prosecuted under the “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act” or “RICO” (18 USC 1961-1968).  Frequently, they devise a dual purpose company –one which operates lawfully from the front door, but unlawfully out the back door.

There is little doubt the Clinton Foundation operated as a charity.  But if the FBI documents demonstrate that there was a secondary, hidden purpose devoted to self-dealing and personal enrichment, then prosecution could be pursued against Clinton for racketeering.

According to the Associated Press, more than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she served as secretary of state donated money to her foundation.  If Clinton was peddling access, was she also peddling influence?  Again, the reported FBI documents seem to answer that question.

But why has there been no prosecution of Clinton?  Why did the FBI and the Department of Justice during the Obama administration keep the evidence secret?  Was it concealed to prevent a scandal that would poison Barack Obama’s presidency?  Was Hillary Clinton being protected in her quest to succeed him?

The answer may lie with the people who were in charge of the investigation and who knew of its explosive impact.   Who are they?

Holder, Mueller, Comey & Rosenstein

Eric Holder was the Attorney General when the FBI began uncovering the Russian corruption scheme in 2009.  Since the FBI reports to him, he surely knew what the bureau had uncovered.

What’s more, Holder was a member of the “Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States” which approved the uranium sale to the Russians in 2010.  Since the vote was unanimous, it appears Holder knowingly and deliberately countenanced a deal that was based on illegal activities and which gave Moscow control of more than 20 percent of America’s uranium assets.

It gets worse.  Robert Mueller was the FBI Director during the time of the Russian uranium probe, and so was his successor James Comey who took over in 2013 as the FBI was still developing the case.  Rod Rosenstein, then-U.S. Attorney, was supervising the case.  There is no indication that any of these men ever told Congress of all the incriminating evidence they had discovered and the connection to Clinton.  The entire matter was kept secret from the American public.

It may be no coincidence that Mueller (now special counsel) and Rosenstein (now Deputy Attorney General) are the two top people currently investigating whether the Trump campaign conspired with the Russians to influence the 2016 presidential election.  Mueller reports to Rosenstein, while Comey is a key witness in the case.

It is not unreasonable to conclude that Mueller, Rosenstein and Comey may have covered up potential crimes involving Clinton and Russia, but are now determined to find some evidence that Trump “colluded” with Russia.

If this is true, Mueller and Rosenstein should immediately recuse themselves from the case.  How can Americans have confidence in the outcome of the Trump-Russia matter if the integrity and impartiality of the lead investigators has been compromised by their suspected cover-up of the Clinton-Russia case?

And, if the evidence is as compelling as reported, a second special prosecutor should be appointed to determine whether Hillary Clinton and others should be indicted for crimes of corruption.

So it looks like there WAS collusion between a political party and Russia: the DEMOCRAT Party. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY lies like a Liberal. – The Liberator

The Difference Between Obama & Trump on Defense

Lindsey Graham entertained the crowd with a story about an early-morning phone call with Trump during which the President relayed a conversation he’d had with Defense Secretary James Mattis.

“We’re asking permission to send 50 of our soldiers into a village outside Raqqa,” Mattis told Trump, according to Graham. “Why are you calling me?” Trump replied. “I don’t know where this village is at.” Mattis told him, “Well, that’s what we’ve done for the last 8 years.”

Trump, Graham said, then asked, “Who’s asking to go into that village?” Mattis told him, “A major, first in his class at West Point.”

“’Why do you think I know more about that than he does?’” Graham said Trump asked. “And then he hung up.”

Graham said Trump’s habit of deferring to Pentagon officials on military operations “is gonna win this war.” But the room’s laughter at the tale revealed a collective understanding of the value that comes when Trump doesn’t meddle. Yes, Graham thinks that may win the war—it may save the Republican Party, too.

Black Lives DO Matter


Amount of people in poverty would drop –  34%

The prison population would go down by – 37%

Welfare recipients would go down by – – –  42%

Gang members would go down by – – – – –  53%

Chlamydia cases would go down – – – – – –  54%

Homelessness would go down – – – – – – – – 57%

Syphilis would go down  – – – – – – – – – – – –  58%

AIDS & HIV would go down by – – – – – – – – 65%

Gonorrhea would go down – – – – – – – – – – – 69%

Average ACT scores would go UP – – – – – – 5.5 points

Average IQ would go UP – – – – – – – – – – – – – 7.4 points, placing us 3rd in the world tied with Japan.

Average SAT scores would go UP almost – – 100 points

The average income for Americans would go UP over $20,000 a year



And, many criminal defense attorneys would have to find another line of work.

See, Black lives DO matter.

Yes, and the truth matters. And white America has had enough of the false narrative and fraudulent accusations. – The Liberator

The NFL Players Have a Right to Take a Knee


Yes, the NFL players have a right to kneel for our National Anthem, outside of the stadium. Their employment contract, if enforced by the NFL and/or their team, prohibits them from doing so while on the job.

This is not a 1st Amendment issue, it is an employment policy issue. Just imagine going to work and kneeling at the beginning of every meeting to protest police brutality in the black community. How many meetings would you be allowed to do that before you were shown the door? THAT is the issue.

Forget the flag. Forget the National Anthem. Those are merely distractions. The players are acting inappropriately while on the job and what they are doing is offending the company’s customers. Simple as that. The fact that they’re kneeling during the National Anthem only makes it that much more offensive to their fans.

Think of it this way…what if the entire 49ers team hung a “BA” at their fans prior to kickoff but not during the anthem, and also said nothing about the reason for doing so. They just decided to do it for the fun of it. Do you think 49ers management or Roger Goodell would put up with that? Of course not. Well, from a fan’s perspective they are doing something much worse

And THAT is why Colin Kaepernick is no longer employed in the NFL. 

– The Liberator


Minnesota is Ground Zero in the Left’s efforts to brainwash young people.

Matthew Vadum

In places like Edina, Minnesota, the Left has transformed K-12 schools into indoctrination factories whose overarching purpose is to train students to be reflexively racist and anti-American.

Educators in Edina, a wealthy Minneapolis suburb, don’t even try to conceal their sinister goals. Elementary school students there are subjected to an A-B-C book titled A is for Activist. Among the alphabetized propaganda points are these gems:

“A is for Activist. Are you an Activist?”

“C is for … Creative Counter to Corporate vultures.”

“F is for Feminist.”

“T is for Trans.”

“X is for Malcolm as in Malcolm X.”

When Donald Trump won the election last November, anarchy and partisan bullying paralyzed the high school.

“I felt like the school was descending into mass hysteria,” one student said of the day after the election. Another said Trump’s victory was treated as “the end of the world as we know it.”

Students reported “[e]very teacher was crying in class, one even told the whole class ‘Trump winning is worse than 9/11 and the Columbine shooting.’” The sheer volume of “liberal propaganda that was pushed every single day in class this year was worse than it’s ever been–and you’re bullied by the teachers and every student if you dare speak against it.”

“[T]he teachers can absolutely do whatever they want. The administration will do nothing about it!! The day of the election every single student was in the commons chanting ‘F*** TRUMP’ and the teachers never did anything. A LOT of people are starting to complain and my mom has some friends who are leaving the school district.”

Teachers in Edina use totalitarian methods, particularly self-criticism sessions, to enforce ideological rigidity and reinforce social cohesion.

One mother complained of a humiliating Khmer Rouge-like denunciation process her son was forced to endure. In a 10th grade AP World History class, the teacher “called out any Trump supporters and asked them to assure the class that they weren’t racist.” In much of the United States, sending one’s children to public schools is already tantamount to child abuse. Too often elementary and secondary schools, especially in the inner cities, fail to teach pupils even the basics of reading, writing, and thinking critically. Nowadays they focus on crusades for so-called social justice instead of doing their jobs. This includes pedagogical sermons excoriating President Trump for the crime of trying to “Make America Great Again.”

In Edina radical indoctrination has supplanted actual education that helps students prepare for the real world.

Test scores in the community’s once top-rated schools have been plummeting, writes Katherine Kersten, senior fellow at the Minnesota-based Center for the American Experiment, in Thinking Minnesota magazine.

“There’s been a sea change in educational philosophy, and it comes from the top,” she writes.

In recent years teachers have been shoving so-called white privilege, along with Marxism, feminism, and post-colonialism, down their young charges’ throats.

It’s no secret that public school teachers across America are largely driven by ideology, not a desire to educate. They teach students that America, a nation flawed in its conception by the original sin of slavery, has never truly experienced reforms. It is as if the Civil War and the Civil Rights Era never happened. Corporations and the rich oppress the citizenry daily as the U.S. unjustly pushes around less powerful countries, especially Muslim ones. America is so fundamentally corrupt and evil in their view that it can only be fixed by radical changes like those espoused by educational theorists like Paulo Freire and Bill Ayers.

In Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Freire argued that schools be used to inculcate radical, revolutionary values in students so they become agents of social change. Generations of teachers answered his call.

Freire was only expanding on the ideas of Vladimir Lenin who said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” Teachers in publicly-funded elementary and secondary schools get a full eight years more than Lenin required to intellectually cripple students, perhaps for life.

“If we want change to come, we would do well not to look at the sites of power we have no access to; the White House, the Congress, the Pentagon,” Ayers said in 2012. “We have absolute access to the community, the school, the neighborhood, the street, the classroom, the workplace, the shop, the farm.”

Teachers in Edina take the ideas of Freire, Lenin, and Ayers seriously.

At Edina’s Highlands Elementary, teachers indoctrinate five-year-olds in order to radicalize them and encourage them to become activists obsessed with race.

The school district’s “unrelenting focus on skin color is the leading edge of a larger ideological campaign to shape students’ attitudes and beliefs on a range of controversial issues—most importantly, the familiar litany of ‘race, class, gender,’” Kersten writes.

While this is happening “ordinary students are too often falling through the cracks and gifted education is languishing.”

Edina embraces something called the All for All plan. Its “fundamental premise is that white racism—not socio-economic factors like family breakdown—is the primary cause of the achievement gap.”

School staff meetings there are social justice pep rallies. One teacher told Kersten that “equity was the only thing we talked about, not the nuts and bolts of teaching reading and math.”

Equity in this context doesn’t refer to equal treatment for all, she notes. Here the word “signals an obsession with ‘white privilege,’ and an effort to blame any academic challenge that minority students may have on institutional racial bias.” In other words, race-based identity politics rules.

At the elementary school, teachers of K-2 students dwell endlessly on skin color and encourage white pupils to feel guilty about being white. “Equity” is identified as the key criterion used to evaluate the school district’s K-5 math curricula.

Children have to watch their language and self-censor for fear of incurring the wrath of teachers.

“My kids have written things they don’t believe just to survive,” one mother told Kersten.

“They know exactly what the teacher wants. They almost don’t see anything incorrect in doing that anymore, because it’s so engrained. They have endured enough public shaming to say they will not put themselves in that position again.”

Another parent “was absolutely sickened” by the officially sanctioned psychological torture to which her young son was subjected. He explained that he was “labeled a racist, sexist and rapist — yes, a RAPIST — because he is a white male.” The parent added, “This was all in a Venn diagram on the white board. We have a photo.”

At the Edina high school’s multicultural show in April this year, student performers used the event to call for “students, faculty, staff and administrators to act en masse to address racial injustice,” according to the school’s student newspaper. Student organizers tried to “ignite a conversation pertaining to white privilege and the Black Lives Matter movement.”

A female student gave an explicit speech about the sexual fantasies she had about a classmate that sounded like a “Dear Penthouse Forum” letter. “I spent seventh-grade music classes imagining her legs intertwining with mine, her body constantly reminding me of a violin, and I was begging to be allowed to pluck one string.”

A male student revealing his sexual desires probably would have been kicked off the stage and accused of sexual harassment, Kersten writes.

Getting students to hate and distrust law enforcement officers is also a priority. One teacher was so wrapped up in cop-hatred that she claimed just saying the word police “made her feel physically ill,” according to a parent.

Teachers in Edina and across the fruited plan saturate students with information about real and imagined instances of racial injustice in America in a nonstop barrage of historic facts and ahistorical nonsense. And in the culture at large, the media, politicians, and the entertainment industry can’t stop talking about race. The last thing any young student in America needs is to be taught about is race. Race matters only to America-hating radicals.

People in Edina are tired of all of this.

They are angry about political agendas being pushed at the expense of education. At the same time they are afraid to speak out for fear of reprisals, Kersten writes.

Though a growing number of parents, students and teachers are angry and frustrated about recent developments, they hesitate to protest publicly. Students and parents fear bullying and retaliation in terms of grades and classroom humiliation. Teachers who don’t toe the orthodox line fear ostracism and a tainted career. The climate of intimidation is so intense that not one of those interviewed for this article would speak on the record.

Remaining silent is no way to win a culture war.

When their arguments fail to convert you, liberals revert to fear and intimidation, proving that liberalism is the first step toward socialism which is followed by communism. And we all know what communist leadership has done throughout history. They murder their own people to force compliance. – The Liberator

No, Liberals, You Haven’t Won

Conversation with a clueless liberal…

The Liberator – You social justice warriors never change. Everything that comes out of your mouths is the same: America is a rotten place with a rotten history. Why do you remain here with such animus towards America? Really, tell me. Why do you stay? What is your end game? Is it the complete dissolution of the United States of America and the creation of an entirely new country based on your vision? Will you even change the name of the country? Do you only want our natural resources for the bounty you will use in forming this new union of like-minded individuals?

Have you thought about the minor complication that most of us totally disagree with your views on America? Are you going to force us at gunpoint to continue to produce so you can confiscate the fruits of our labor to produce your Utopia? Are you totally insane? Really, are you? Can’t you think past the end of one of your ridiculous platitudes to realize that the war you are fighting is already over and that you have gone too far? You don’t even know why Trump was elected do you?

Clueless Liberal – I know its over. We won. That is why being a woman, gay, or minority in America is a lot better today than in 1960. I didn’t say that the culture war needs to be waged on. I was celebrating that we won and that some of the problems with pre-1960s America stayed there.

The Liberator – Have you thought about the reality that the new disadvantaged minority in America is you social justice warriors on the Left? Your hero Obama and the lunatics Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, et al and your dwindling army of delusional sycophants have decimated the Democrat party. I fully expect someone of your ilk to suggest legislation to protect your group from extinction. Let’s see, what would the legislation look like…oh, well, of course…financial reparations for the pain and suffering as a result of Trump’s victory. Yep, that’s what it will be. That way you guys can continue the fight on our dime.

Now back to your point…yes, there was progress on the female, homosexual and minority fronts in the intervening years but you nut cases took it too far. All three groups are still whining about inequality; that is, when you’re not rioting or protesting. You’re never happy. EVER. And we normal Americans have taken notice and are no longer feeling guilty about things we never engaged in or words we never uttered.

We gave you whiners a BLACK president for eight years and what did he do? He made race relations worse than they have ever been since the 60s. Riots, protests, cop assassinations, brutally hateful rhetoric toward the very people who were the change agents in the white community. Making the racist Al Sharpton his liaison for race relations was a transparent poke in the eye by Obama to every single white American. Even millionaire football players aren’t satisfied!

We gave women more rights than even men now have and it’s not enough. A woman has more rights in the workplace than any man could ever imagine and yet they continue to complain. All a woman has to do is claim sexual harassment and the target of her claim is assumed guilty until proven innocent. A woman-owned business has a decided advantage on all government projects because of 8-a set asides. Women get all sorts of special privileges due to their gender, maternity leave being just one example, and yet we still have a million-plus women marching all across America wearing vagina hats denouncing virtually all white males in the country for being the cause of their imagined plight. That’s progress??

You went WAY too far with homosexual rights and the radicals among them are forcing their views down the throats of decent Americans on many fronts. Putting small businesses out of business simply because they don’t want to bake a cake for a homosexual couple or cater a homosexual wedding on religious grounds, for crissakes. Or demanding that religious health centers provide contraception. Demanding that they can get “married” which runs counter to tradition and long-standing laws in this country. Or demanding access to women’s bathrooms and locker rooms for anyone who “identifies” as female. Give…me…a…break.

And please note that I am not using the preferred term “gay”. There is NOTHING gay about the homosexual community. The vast majority of the people in the (very small) homosexual community are raging lunatics who want to force me to accept them as normal. There is nothing normal about homosexuality. It is abnormal behavior and it drives them crazy that they can’t normalize it in the minds of the American people.

No, you have NOT won. You have lost. We finally have had enough of the guilt trip and are fighting back, and now you are losing all that you gained. Take off your blinders, stay tuned, and see for yourself. It’s never enough for you social justice warriors. NEVER.

Liberals are relentless…they never stop, but they also never learn. That’s why, when all is said and done, we will win. Liberals are completely and totally irrational. 

– The Liberator